Airport Christchurch Motel

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Airport transfers:
We operate our own shuttle vehicle during the same hours our Reception is open i.e. 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 9pm Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays.
Please advise your flight number and scheduled arrival time when booking only if you require a transfer during those hours (please put N/A in if you don't need a transfer either on arrival or departure).  Your departure flight details if you require a transfer to the airport when checking-out would also be helpful.
If you are Checking-in before 9pm and require an airport transfer, to access this service please call us from the airport on our Freecall number 0800 800 631, but please, only after you have collected your bags and are ready to go as we are not allowed to wait at the airport for passengers (only to collect them).  If you don't have a cell phone, or if it doesn't allow 0800 calls, you can call us from any of the blue payphones located either near the baggage carousels in the Domestic area of the terminal or in the Arrivals Hall in International (these allow calls to 0800 numbers at no-charge) or the staff at the i-Site in the Arrivals Hall will call us on your behalf.  
PLEASE NOTE: When being picked-up by our own shuttle vehicle, it is currently from the shuttle area just across from the multi-storey car-park building which is a short walk from the International Terminal.
  If you need guidance to this area we will provide the details of the short walk to the pick-up point when you call to say you are ready to go. If you are arriving into the Regional Arrivals area (on a smaller propellor airplane), you will be very close to the pick-up area.

Late arrivals(after 9pm):

There is an access code required to collect the unit key from our secure  lock-box and this will be emailed to you in the confirmation email.

It is essential that you have the code to collect your key so you can gain access to your room unassisted as our Reception closes at 9pm and there is an After Hours access fee of $35 for guests arriving without the required code.  If you have not received this information 48 hours prior to arriving, please contact us either by phone or email.
Our guests enjoy special rates with Gold Band Taxis ($17.00) and other taxi companies should charge no more than $20.00.  Taxis are accessed from right outside the International Terminal.

CHRISTMAS DAY: Please note, there will be no collection from the airport after midday on Christmas Day.  We will make a deduction of $17.00 as compensation towards the taxi fare to the motel day should you require a transfer during that time.

Early morning departures:
If you have booked directly with us and require a transfer to the airport prior to our own shuttle's operation, we are happy to book a taxi for you and set a wake-up call for you.

From 7am weekdays and 8am on Sat, Sun & Public Holidays::
If you are leaving from the above times, we operate our own shuttle to the airport and most local rental car/camper-van companies on the hour and the half hour, as required i.e. we only do so out if someone needs to go.  
For a Domestic flight you need to be checked in 30 minutes before your departure time so for a flight at 9.20am you should go on the 8.30am shuttle.  For an International flight, you should be leaving the motel 2 hours before your departure time. If you are flying to Auckland to connect with an international flight with the same airline or one in the same alliance, then normally, if you check-in one hour prior to departure in Christchurch, you can check your bags right through to the destination where you need to first clear Customs.

Arriving by rail:
If you are arriving into Christchurch by rail on either the Tranz-Alpine or the Tranz-Coastal, you can arrange a Meet 'n' Greet with J & L Shuttles who currently charge $20.00 for 1 person and $5 for each additional person in the same group.  Their contact details are +64 3 3899 879 or Freephone (within NZ) or email them at .

Transfers general:
These are provided on the basis of one each way per unit when booked at our standard rate e.g. In the event of 2 guests staying in one unit and one guest either needing to be at the airport or collected at a different time, we would be happy to arrange a taxi for the second guest or in the event the shuttle is going to the airport at the required time with another guest and there is space available, the second guest would be welcome to use the service but there would not be a specific trip made.